We recognize that our employees’ contribution makes Newage a leading consultant company in oil and gas services. Your ideas, skills, and commitment to excellence are the driving force behind the outstanding results we achieve for our clients. Oil & Gas companies benefit from our innovative thinking and world-class execution.


Working at Newage gives you:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Tremendous technical content
  • Decision making, tremendous independence
  • Working in all kinds of places, meeting all kinds of people
  • Care and concern for people


Opportunities to Excel


We offer an environment of mutual respect and support, we also seek the best and the brightest people to join our team. Your ambition and hard work determine the speed of your progress. We provide best-in-industry training programs for developing your competencies so that you can excel in your chosen role. At every stage of your career, top-quality resources support you in achieving your goals.

Your Contribution Counts

Our client relations are built on intimate understanding, so your views and opinions are important. As your skills and intellect drive our capabilities, you contribute toward the decisions that power our growth. Your responsibility increases with your achievements. Above all, we want you to be successful. The alignment of your career goals and our business objectives promotes the creation of lasting value for you and us.



Currently, we are not hiring.

However, Newage keeps looking for new talents. You can share your resumes on